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woowooo's Journal

We're Not Wankers
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Gang Members-
-Mike "Shaft" Zaremba
-Francis "Sweet Pubs" Lagoe
-Gregory "The Turkish" Belzack
-Erich "The Baby Eater" Gabris
-Bill "The Angry Gnome" McConnell
-Darc "Stinky" Henderson
-Mark "The Albetross" Austin
-Erin "XAceOfBaseX" Dent

Gang Colors-Orange and Purple
Gang Sighn-Pinkys crossed to form X.
Gang Turf-Weatheridge, Fairmount, Milton Ave, Pioneer Farms, Wherever Nomadic Wanderers Go

Enemies Of The Gang-
Anyone who randomly states "Football."
Anyone who randomly states "Hardcore."
Anyone who randomly states "D'oh"
The freshman badasses known as "Saaa"
Overly Touchy Pediatricians
Puppy Kickers
Helen Q.
The 90s Man
being in a gang, cooking delightful tex-mex dishes, dominating our turf, gang wars, genocide, interior decorating, loitering, shooting things, tagging